Since 2013, based on a strong experience feedback of spindles and high speed machining centers, PCI has been designing and assembling its own electrospindles in its premises in Saint-Etienne. Two types have already been designed : PCI 30 kW in HSK63 and PCI 42 kW in HSK100. You can find those on our Meteor range 630 and 900.

PCI’s spindles are designed for automotive industry constraints such as :

  • HSK63A/HSK100 tool holder
  • Fast acceleration and short tool change time
  • U axis option
  • Honing option
  • MQL/coolant options
  • Chip detection

Don’t you want some spindles now ?

And there is more. PCI also renovate your spindles.

The electrospindle renovation workshop is :

  • 15 years of experience in the renovation of electrospindles
  • Over 100 electrospindles renovated each year of fifteen different types and from all over the world
  • Many spare parts stock
  • Technicians specialized
  • Specific equipment to test, balance and validate

It is not only about repairing. Our team also upgrade and rebuild, whatever the original brand of the spindle. Thanks to diagnostic tools, with or without spindle dismantling, we can identify the cause of the spindle damage as precisely as possible and so, enable to a repair to be defined. Finally, PCI records the serial number of spindles and integrated subassemblies. At each repair, the measured characteristics are stored in archives.