Electrospindles – Reparation

  • Diagnostic

    PCI has developed diagnostic tools with or without disassembly of the spindle. These tools allow to determine the causes of the failure and to define the most adequate repair formula.

  • A significant experience

    PCI is based on an experience of more than 50 years as designer and manufacturer of machining spindles, in order to develop electrospindle repair procedures.

  • Tracability

    PCI registered every series numbers of electrospindle and integrated subsets. For every repair, we are able to propose a proven and reliable traceability system.

  • Assistance

    PCI assists you  for the implementation of solutions in order to erase failure causes (environment, machine, preventive maintenance, …)

  • Repair

    PCI uses, on the spindle shaft, the hard chromium plating and rectification solution in order to restore compliance of bearing seats or the tool attachment cone.

  • Tests

    The tended balancing of shaft spindle is fundamental to limit the vibrations and increase the bearings lifetime. PCI tries and grind systematically the spindles on a testing bench to allow, at the end of the process, the direct use on your machines.

To download the full documentation : PLAQUETTE electrobroche UK BD