The values of the company

  • Customer satisfaction

We are attentive to our clients and we do our best to understand them to anticipate and respond to their needs in the best possible way.

It is important to respect our commitments and we advocate responsiveness and rigour in our relationship with the client.

Finally, we focus on customer satisfaction at all levels.

  • Professionalism and security

Security is an essential element at every level of our company. It is an integral part of professionalism. Whether it is to design, build, market products or work in a team, beyond the knowledge and skills, the professionalism requires a good use of methodologies and a clear organization, a speed of action but also a precise reflection and thrust. For us, it is imperative to know how to work in a team and to present to the customers a reliable work in order to reinforce the confidence of this one.

  • Solidarity and the “living together”

In order to be able to satisfy the customer, we think that it is necessary to have a good corporate cohesion and a good relationship between employees.

We emphasize the benevolence and mutual aid but also the sharing of knowledge and information as well as openness to others.

  • To improve constantly

We know that perfection does not exist, which is why we are constantly seeking evolution. It is obvious, at PCI, that it involves a daily apprenticeship, whether receiving or dispensing it, a certain demand for oneself, but above all accepting one’s mistakes and understanding them in order not to reproduce them.

Finally, we must not forget that an employee will not stop improving only by being, curious and force of proposal, with a state of mind to “always do better”.

  • Respect and gratitude of efforts

What is important at PCI is respect for others and acceptance of each other’s differences. Because the well-being of employees play on the good health of a company. We promote the value of each employee’s work when necessary.

The strength of a company is its employees. These latter complement each other by their own qualities and their ideas which allow to reach the satisfaction of our customers, either by the project conception, or by the respect of the deadlines but also by the follow-up of the project and the supply of products reliable or competent services.